Vegetables: Paper Toweling Works Wonders

“I admit to buying pre-packaged salad mixes and spinach leaves sometimes when they’re on sale. We like the convenience, but we didn’t like the way the greens would start wilting and getting soggy after only a few days. We discovered that we could keep them fresh three times longer by simply placing a couple of paper towels in the bag after it was opened. The towels soak up the excess moisture that was causing the greens to deteriorate.

We’re able to keep celery crisp a lot longer simply by wrapping a wet paper towel around the bottom when we put it back into its bag. Try it. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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Shop for a Bank

You can find information about checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and other financial products at You can compare fees, interest rates, investment options, insurance and more. It is an objective, easy way to get financial advice.

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Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered how a car’s engine works or who selects the winners for the Grammy’s? You can find all this out and more at There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips when you search this website.

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The Beehive

At you can get great information about all kinds of things: money, health & fitness, school, jobs & career, insurance, housing, transportation and more. It is straightforward and easy to follow. You can even get information tailored to the New York area. The Beehive connects you to important information – plus the local help to make it happen.

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Try hopstop to navigate your way around New York City.  Its like mapquest but specifically for the subway and walking. This always up-to-date guide knows about irregular train activity and delays and will find the best route to get you from anywhere to anywhere within the subway realm.

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Surfing the Scriptures Online

Have a little extra time to surf online?  Use the internet to surf a gospel topic. 

Go to the churches official website, click on Gospel Library in the column on the left side of the page, click on alphabetical listing of gospel topics under Guide to the Scriptures on the bottom center of the page.  And away you go! Choose a topic and start “linking” your way through the scriptures. 

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50 good things about being debt-free

Here are 50 good things about being debt-free.

Avoid trouble with cards, Gerard
1. No longer having to decide how much you can afford to pay on credit cards.
2. No ghosts of Christmas debts past haunting you during holiday shopping season.
3. Never being refused for credit.
4. Never being required to spend money you have not yet earned.
5. Having the control that accompanies buying things with cash.
6. Never having to use one credit card to make a payment on another.

Stash a buck, Chuck
7. Having a savings cushion for emergency expenses.
8. Understanding the different kinds of savings needs.
9. Having enough money for both needs and many wants.
10. Watching your balances grow, and that’s a good thing.
11. Having fewer fights about money with your sweetie.
12. Experiencing the advantages of a higher credit score.

Plan an attack, Mac
13. Knowing what to do before a marriage.
14. Knowing what to do to prepare for a divorce.
15. Being prepared for a job layoff.
16. Knowing how to create a realistic budget.
17. Understanding the advantages of planned spending.
18. Getting better interest rates when you borrow.

Save for school, O’Toole
19. Having back-to-school costs covered.
20. Setting a good example for your kids.
21. Having the flexibility to shop for the best deal.
22. Knowing you will be prepared to pay your children’s college tuition.

Answer the phone, Jerome
23. Not screening for credit collection calls or letters.
24. Looking forward to opening your mail.
25. Never having to meet Judge Judy.
26. Reading a statement that reads “paid in full.”

You’re never a schlemiel, Lucille
27. Recognizing money scams a mile away and avoiding them.
28. Knowing when and where to ask for financial assistance.
29. Never having to pay late fees.
30. Never robbing Peter to pay Paul.
31. Keeping your own identity.

Don’t worry, Lorrie
32. Sleeping better at night.
33. Never having to worry about repossession.
34. Never worrying about being upside down in a car loan.
35. Finally having your entire financial life working together in harmony.
36. Not worrying about paying for the family vacation.
37. Not having to locate a good credit counseling agency.
38. Not needing a reference for a good bankruptcy attorney.

Keep ahead, Fred
39. Never being behind on your mortgage.
40. Knowing your checks will never bounce.
41. Keeping financial records that work best for you.
42. Having all the resources to satisfy the IRS.
43. Experiencing the joy of living below your means.
44. Not spending your weekend having a garage sale to help pay bills.

Be in the know, Joe
45. Being able to prevent financial problems before they happen.
46. Knowing you can withstand anything financial life throws at you.
47. Knowing how to and when to revise your financial plan as your circumstances change.
48. Knowing the difference between wants and needs.
49. Knowing when you will have money enough to retire.
50. People ask you for financial advice so often you become the next Debt Adviser.

by Steve Bucci

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Google Maps + NYC Subway Maps = cool

It is basically Google Maps overlaid with a map of the NYC subway system. Not perfect, but works for the most part:

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Why is self-reliance essential to happiness?

Each person is responsible to become self-reliant, doing all in one’s power to provide for self and others before calling upon others for assistance.  Once able to provide for self, that person is then able to reach a helping hand to others and receive the joy and satisfaction that such acts of charity bring.

“Without self-reliance one cannot exercise these innate desires to serve.  How can we give if there is nothing there?  Food for the hungry cannot come from empty shelves.  Money to assist the needy cannot come from an empty purse.  Support and understanding cannot come from the emotionally starved.  Teaching cannot come from the unlearned.  And most important of all, spiritual guidance cannot come from the spiritually weak.”  – Marion G. Romney, “The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance”, Ensign, Nov. 1982, 91).

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Quotes from Prophets on Food Storage:

“I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order.”  – Gordon B. Hinckley Oct. Conference, 1998, Ensign Nov. 1998

“If we could only learn to be self-preserving and self-sustaining, we should then have learned what the Gods have learned before us, and what we must eventually learn before we can be exhalted.”  – Brigham Young, JD 9:169

“The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat.”  – Brigham Young, JD 1943 ed, 1:250, p. 29

“Our pioneer ancestors did not look to government to care for their families.  They knew that their families were their treasure and their own responsibility.”  – Spencer W. Kimball, 5/1981.80

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