Shop for a Bank

You can find information about checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and other financial products at You can compare fees, interest rates, investment options, insurance and more. It is an objective, easy way to get financial advice.


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Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered how a car’s engine works or who selects the winners for the Grammy’s? You can find all this out and more at There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips when you search this website.

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The Beehive

At you can get great information about all kinds of things: money, health & fitness, school, jobs & career, insurance, housing, transportation and more. It is straightforward and easy to follow. You can even get information tailored to the New York area. The Beehive connects you to important information – plus the local help to make it happen.

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Try hopstop to navigate your way around New York City.  Its like mapquest but specifically for the subway and walking. This always up-to-date guide knows about irregular train activity and delays and will find the best route to get you from anywhere to anywhere within the subway realm.

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Surfing the Scriptures Online

Have a little extra time to surf online?  Use the internet to surf a gospel topic. 

Go to the churches official website, click on Gospel Library in the column on the left side of the page, click on alphabetical listing of gospel topics under Guide to the Scriptures on the bottom center of the page.  And away you go! Choose a topic and start “linking” your way through the scriptures. 

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